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Supranormal Vision For the First Time Ever
Best Published Results for Lasik

Supranormal Vision For the First Time Ever

Best Published Results for Lasik

Meet Dr. Motwani

Dr. Motwani is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Albany Medical College, and New York Medical College and has been practicing Ophthalmology and Refractive Surgery since 1998.  He has been granted 2 United States Patents for his procedure and device inventions, and has published multiple peer-reviewed papers on the subject of laser vision correction, cornea laser reconstructive repair, and treatment of complex vision correction cases.  He created the first procedure to make a supernormal cornea which has the potential to create a better ocular focusing system to allow for the potential of higher resolution, clearer vision.  He has also been at the forefront of developing corneal laser reconstructive procedures to treat and restore vision in diseases such as keratoconus and other corneal ectasia, past surgeries with poor outcomes such as RK, LASIK, PRK, ptyrgium, and certain cataract surgeries, as well as corneal infection and trauma.  Whether it’s the bobcat that tore open and damaged a cornea, the keratoconus that destroyed vision, the past LASIK that left horrible night vision, the RK that has created multiple images for decades, or just the simple correction of someone’s nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, Dr. Motwani has invented or improved procedures to successfully treat them all. He is the only surgeon in the United States to perform all of these types of procedures, and continues to advance the state of his art through his research. 


The newest revolution in vision correction. Patients who undergo this procedure report better eyesight than they ever had before and the evidence backs it up.


We treat keratoconus, one of the highest occurring eye conditions, with a technique that is a combination of both Corneal Cross-Linking with topographic guided ablation.

Contoura PRK is the process of reshaping the corneal stroma. It is recommended for certain patients depending on their cornea’s condition.

Radial Keratotomy (RK) Repair

RK, once considered a miracle procedure, has left as many as 40% of patients with significant vision problems. The Motwani Institute specialized in correcting these problems by utilizing LASIK.

This is another version of PRK that uses corneal epithelial thickness data to guide the epithelial removal via excimer laser.

Laser Reconstructive Corneal Repair

Laser Reconstructive Corneal Repair via topographic guided ablation selectively removes irregularities in the cornea, reconstructing the cornea rather than just correcting it.

Epi-LASIK (or E-LASIK) is the only true flapless Lasik procedure in the world, and Dr. Motwani is one of the only surgeons qualified to perform it.

Trauma Repair

All types of trauma leave the patient with different levels of scarring on their corneas. We evaluate patients individually to determine the amount of corneal tissue available for correction via Corneal transplant reconstructive laser repair via topographic guided ablation.

The KAMRA inlay allows for a large visual field and distance vision to be maintained, all while also restoring up-close reading.

High Myopia Correction

High myopia, or severe nearsightedness, is corrected by forming a much more uniform cornea with a large optical zone via topographic guided ablation.

This procedure balances the difference between the patient’s two eyes to allow the brain to neuro-adapt, optimizing overall vision and depth perception.

Corneal Transplant Reconstructive Laser Repair

Corneal transplant reconstructive laser repair via topographic guided ablation restores clear vision without disabling visual irregularities.

WaveLight Contoura LASIK and the LYRA Protocol: Better Than Normal Vision

We have always dreamed of making corneas “better than normal” and performing corrections that were superior to those made by glasses, soft contact lenses, or modifications made by conventional laser systems. Alcon WaveLight

As a member of the San Diego Padres, good vision is crucial to my success on the field. The decision to have laser surgery was not easy for me, but after listening to many praises from friends who had used your services, I was convinced it was right for me. I am still amazed that one day after the procedure, I was able to play catch without any problems or discomfort.

Stan Spencer
Former San Diego Padre player

I want to express my thanks to you and your staff for the excellent care that I received at Cornea Revolution. The entire process was smooth and easy right from the start. Everyone was very helpful in making me feel comfortable and answered all my questions. I am amazed at how much my vision is improved, and I look forward to playing baseball this season with my “new eyes”.

Chris Gomez
Former Shortstop, San Diego Padres

Dr. Motwani – you really are a genius! You accomplished what others told me could not be done with my eyes. I was extremely impressed with the passion you have for your profession.

Ted Tollner
Former Head Football Coach. San Diego State University

Meet Dr. Manoj Motwani

Dr. Manoj Motwani is performing some of the most advanced, cutting edge Refractive Surgery in the world today. Specializing for 17 years in San Diego in laser vision correction, Dr. Motwani has perfected the new Contoura technology to create vision that has the potential to be better than any other vision correction modality.

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