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The best evidence we can provide are first-hand accounts of those who have experienced the difference Dr. Motwani can make. Here are just a few of our success stories.

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Dr. Motwani was incredible! His staff is friendly, their process is smooth and made sure I understood everything. The procedure was easy and the follow ups were easier. My eyes are better than I could have hoped! Don't mess around with your eyeballs, you only have one pair. See Dr Motwani!!!

Griffin T.

Amazing amazing amazing! I am a nurse and could not stand my glasses fogging up anymore. From day one at my consultation to today being discharged officially after months of checkups after lasik, Motwani Lasik has been nothing but great to me. Very clean, very professional, and they make you feel very comfortable. Surgery went just as planned no complication and after all this I am 20/15. Do not hesitate book your appointment!

Ashleigh P.

I had an excellent experience at Motwani Lasik. I went from having a very strong prescription (-7.00), to having 20/15 vision in both eyes. They are very thorough with the post procedure care here as well. Months after the procedure, Dr. Motwani prescribed special eyedrops to help me during my allergy flare-ups. All the tech there is top level and the whole staff is great. I'm very glad I picked here to get my eyes fixed. It really is a gamechanger to have strong eyesight again. 5 stars :)

Jeremy V.

My dad had it done in 2012 he was -8.25 and a high astigmatism, plus reading glasses in his mid 60s ....still today dad has perfect vision , still doesn't need reading glasses.

I had it in done 2019 in my mid 40's, -275 with a HIDDEN ASTIGMATISMS , again great success TODAY my hubby had it done this morning he only needed it for close-up vision, all done & another great success.

Dr. Motwani has cutting-edge equipment, amazing staff, and many years of experience ( since 1998)!

Anna B.

Last year I had a eye procedure done that unfortunately did not work for me. I was very discouraged and disappointed. Dr. Motwani went above and beyond to help me and to correct the problem I was having. After getting to know Dr. Motwani better I came to realize just how much he really cares about his patients and their well being. He is a true professional that takes pride and ownership in his work. The office is state of the art and on the cutting edge of technology. I would highly recommend the Motwani Lasik Institute to anyone considering Lasik.

David A.

I think for the first time ever I actually enjoyed going to a doctor's office. After having a friend get lasik with Dr. Motwani, I went in for a consultation in August, contemplated and came back for scheduling a few months later (mid-December). I had the surgery performed the following week. The level of professionalism is extremely high here. From the lady at the front desk to the assistants to Dr. Motwani, all the people I interacted with were very nice and helpful. The surgery lasted under 15 minutes and after 2 months, I can assure you that the results are successful. Dr. Motwani was able to fix my astigmatism and get my eyesight to be even better than the normal 20-20 vision. He was very helpful and detailed with answering my questions about the procedure and healing process. They are also really helpful with making sure you are well taken care of after the surgery. I came in for a followup and Dr. Motwani adjusted my eyes to make sure that they were healing properly. I recommend that anyone who is serious about getting their eyes corrected come to Motwani Lasik. Overall, their prices are reasonable and their equipment is very up-to-date in order to ensure the best results. I couldn't beany happier with the outstanding results that are meant to last a lifetime.

Andrew D.

I was starting to feel like maybe Lasik was a scam because I had 2 very unprofessional consultations at other offices that didn't seem very interested in my unique situation or even having me seen by an actual surgeon. I gave Lasik one last try by booking a consult with Dr. Motwani after searching Yelp reviews and I am so thankful I did! I immediately felt cared for from the second I walked into the office. The staff is incredibly friendly and you can tell they genuinely care about their patients and Dr. Motwani. I very much appreciated that they didn't try to rush me through everything to fit in as many patients as possible. They took their time to get the tests done correctly, explain the results, and answer my questions. Best of all, I actually got my consultation done by Dr. Motwani! The other places I went to previously did not even have the surgeon available to speak to during the consult.

Lastly, everyone's least favorite part of these appointments is talking about billing. I liked that they were very upfront about the price so I knew exactly what I was getting into. The other places had different "packages" and "Groupon deals" and all these things that were completely unnecessary and confusing. I truly believe after this experience, you get what you pay for.After all is said and done, the procedure was easy as pie and I go back for free check ups regularly to make sure my eyes stay on track. Even though they aren't getting any more money out of me, the staff is just as nice now as they were on day one.

Other people I know that have gotten Lasik from different places have had varying levels of success. My eyesight is more than perfect and I have no issues with having dry eyes like others sometimes have. It's definitely a personal choice to get this procedure done, but if you decide to, I highly recommend Dr. Motwani!

Stevie L.

I underwent PRK surgery from Dr. Motwani and his staff back in August 2020. I had consultations at several different places beforehand. I decided on Motwani because he was able to get me scheduled for surgery on the same week as my call. Of course he also seemed reputable and capable based on the reviews here and my impression of meeting with him (I already had my contacts out of my eyes for several weeks as I anticipated getting this surgery so I didn't require waiting weeks between consultation and surgery). After the surgery (which is a pretty weird experience in its own right, but nothing painful and objectively extremely safe), I required four days of total rest but was back to work on Monday.

I have been back to Dr. Motwani's office multiple times for check-ups and everything seems to have gone perfectly. I believe last time I was there I had 20/15 (might've been 20/20, all I know is that mentally I checked it off as being 'very good result'). I also haven't experienced any negative side effects at all (light sensitivity, halos, poor night vision, none of that).

The receptionist and the head technician are very friendly personable people and everyone else has been great as well. Of course Dr. Motwani himself is also very personable and has been very patient answering my questions whenever I've been in for a check-up which I've appreciated a lot. Overall, it has been the exact experience and result I had hoped for when I dreamed of getting corrective eye surgery.

Kyle D.

Truly life-changing. I had PRK laser correction performed by Dr. Motwani April 020. I was -3.5 in the left eye and -3.25 with high astigmatism in the right. he process was actually quite simple for me:

1. Set up an appointment and came in for a consultation and talked directly with Dr. Motwani about which procedure I wanted to have done based on my individual need. He gave me an in-depth packet of what the procedure is about and the phases of recovery specific to what procedure was done. At this time they also took multiple measurements of my eyes.

2. Appointment day. They bring me into the operating room and perform the procedure. The procedure itself was uncomfortable but easily bearable and there was no pain involved. It took about 10-15 minutes and I was done! I couldn't see much after the procedure so you better bring someone to drive you home.

I then get some meds from Dr. Motwani and purchase a couple more at a local pharmacy; relatively cheap. He will give you an insurance card (if you don't have any) you can use to purchase the meds at a cheaper price.

3. Recovery Phase:

Oh my GOD. I wouldn't suggest having PRK done unless you REALLY need it. I was as blind as a naked mole rat for the first 3 days and felt the walls to get around the house. My eyes were very sensitive to light, so I had to keep them closed/barely open. The pain was very tolerable and Dr. Motwani provides more than enough to get through it. I only needed to use it the first two nights so I could fall asleep with my protective goggles on. After a week my vision started improving, less sensitive to light, and no pain at all. I could read, but still slightly blurry. I also was able to drive, just wear sunglasses and you're good to go.

3. NOW (5 months later): WOW PERFECT. The world has never looked so beautiful T_T. I often stare at plants and random objects now to test my visual acuity and it is AWESOME. Plus I can get punched in the face now without having my contacts fly out. I don't have to worry about getting sand in my eyes. I don't have to keep buying contact lenses, I can drink to my hearts content and not have to worry about falling asleep with contacts on. No contact lens solution; no nuthin. Ok, I digress. But seriously this is life-altering, life-changing, life-improving stuff. A BIG thank you to Dr. Motwani for providing his service along with his awesome staff.

TLDR. If you're thinking about getting any kind of corrective eye surgery done (PRK..LASIK..the whole nine yards). Get it done here; Dr. Motwani thoroughly knows and understands what he is doing and you will not be disappointed.

Richard S.