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The best evidence we can provide are first-hand accounts of those who have experienced the difference Dr. Motwani can make. Here are just a few of our success stories.

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As a member of the San Diego Padres, good vision is crucial to my success on the field. The decision to have laser surgery was not easy for me, but after listening to many praises from friends who had used your services, I was convinced it was right for me. I am still amazed that one day after the procedure, I was able to play catch without any problems or discomfort.

Stan Spencer
Former San Diego Padre player

Dr. Motwani – you really are a genius! You accomplished what others told me could not be done with my eyes. I was extremely impressed with the passion you have for your profession.

Ted Tollner,
Former Head Football Coach. San Diego State University

I want to express my thanks to you and your staff for the excellent care that I received at Cornea Revolution. The entire process was smooth and easy right from the start. Everyone was very helpful in making me feel comfortable and answered all my questions. I am amazed at how much my vision is improved, and I look forward to playing baseball this season with my “new eyes."

Chris Gomez,
Former Shortstop, San Diego Padres

A year has passed since your surgery on my eyes, and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your great work. My thanks fall into two categories: your performance and your care. I am grateful for the 20/15 vision that has eliminated glasses from the wardrobe of one who had worn them since the first day of first grade.

Dr. Charles A. Steinberg,
Executive V.P. of Public Affairs, San Diego Padres

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During my initial visit to your office, it was clearly apparent that you and your staff were reliable professionals in performing the LASIK procedure. The actual ten-minute procedure changed my vision to 20/15 and eliminated thirty years of wearing glasses.

Jack McGrory,
Former City Manager and Former COO of the San Diego Padres

Dr. Motwani – you really are a genius! You accomplished what others told me could not be done with my eyes. I was extremely impressed with the passion you have for your profession.

Ted Tollner,
Former Head Football Coach. San Diego State University

As a Cardiothoracic surgeon, my sight is critical to my career, and before undergoing Laser surgery on my eyes, I researched the technology and, of course, the physician performing the procedure. Your training and professionalism impressed me, and I was comfortable trusting you with my vision.

Jennifer L. Ellis, M.D.

My wife and I would like to thank and your staff at Motwani Lasik Institutes for your professionalism and for helping us to see life clearly.

John D. Pauls, Ph.D., M.D.

The time you spent with me to explain the pre-op, procedure and post-op follow up visits made me feel that coming to you was the right decision. Your explanations and highly professional care were outstanding.

Laurence R. Saben, M.D.

I have to personally thank you for the marvelous gift of perfect vision you were able to give me.

Sheri Walters, M.D.

I wanted to send a sincere thank you for the incredible experience I have just gone through. What you have done for me is truly a miracle. Your entire staff is absolutely wonderful, professional, friendly, and compassionate.

Katie Kangas,
D.V.M. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

I wanted to formally thank you again for my new outlook on life. Not a day goes by that I am not ecstatic that I have 20/15 vision without the hassle of glasses or contacts.

David Sine, M.D.

You can get laser surgery at other places cheaper, but you won’t get it done better. This is not “assembly line” LASIK; this is a doctor who safely liberated me from the 31 years of glasses and contacts. Throughout the procedure, from initial consultation to post operative, the care provided by him and his staff is absolutely extraordinary!

Ernest G. Fagan,

My eyes don’t burn or itch from contact lenses anymore. No longer do I wake up in the middle of the night and walk through the house like a bull in a china store. Thanks to the work of you and your staff I see everything perfectly.

John Hartung,
KSWB-TV Sports Director

Thank you, thank you, thank you. As someone who has worn glasses or contact lenses since I was in elementary school, I still can’t believe that I can see 20/15 using just my eyes! This procedure is truly miraculous.

Carol Center

You are a credit to your profession. Your ethical approach to the surgery by truthfully explaining all the potential ramifications to me and answering all my questions to my satisfaction was very refreshing. The procedure was quick, painless, and exact. The next day, aside from dry eyes, I was able to work without any problems. The only irritation was my habitual grabbing for my glasses, which of course, I discarded the moment I left your office. I will definitely refer anyone who asks to your capable care.

Frank Mango,
Esq. Attorney at Law

In my job as a firefighter/paramedic, the value of perfect vision is a great asset. Putting on my SCBA mask and actually seeing where I am going is invaluable, to myself, fellow firefighters, and of course victims of fire tragedy. I am completely satisfied with my surgery, the class of professionalism of you and your staff is remarkable. Once again, THANK YOU.

John Frampton,
San Diego Firefighter

During most of my 48 years, I have been visually challenged, which at times restricted my activities. I did not anticipate having the ability to drive and read the newspaper within 24 hours of the procedure. This surgery is truly remarkable.

Gregory E. Hund,
President & C.E.O. Valley Physicians Alliance

I never in my wildest dreams imagined how much I would benefit from having Lasik. I see now better than I ever have in my life and words cannot express how much that means to me.

Joseph J. Storms