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Contoura Lasik Procedure

Wavelight Contoura Topographic Guided Laser System using the LYRA Protocol is a revolution in vision correction. For the first time ever, we can create eyes with the potential to be better than the normal human eye.

    What is Contoura LASIK?

    Contoura LASIK is a type of refractive surgery that uses WaveLight LASIK technology to perform laser vision correction unique to your eyes. Many patients wonder “is refractive surgery safe?” and the answer is yes. Refractive surgery has a unique history of adaption and success. There are different types of refractive surgery, including LASIK and PRK.
    Now, for the last 20 years, we have used laser vision correction for this purpose. One procedure that we specialize in at Cornea Revolution, is Contoura Vision surgery. The refractive surgery community has become very good at Contoura LASIK, and laser technology has become so sophisticated that our results are excellent, peaking with the use of WaveLight EX500 and the WFO protocol.

    Why should I get this surgery?

    Even more striking was the lack of halos and night glare. Many patients noted within days that the lights at nighttime had minimal to no glow around them. This is because removing the biological distortions in the cornea reduces light scatter and reduces glare. Some patients, when questioned if they had halos, weren’t sure what to reply because they didn’t know what a halo was!

    What’s the process like?

    This Wavelight Contoura LASIK system requires the use of the Topolyzer Vario analyzer, which takes the most detailed map ever done of the cornea using 22,000 points of information to analyze any abnormalities or aberrations. The cornea is the front clear bubble of the eye that does the majority of focusing of light of the eye. It is responsible for focusing images onto the nerve layer of the retina, which then sends this information to the brain.
    Any abnormality of the cornea will prevent a sharp, clear image from being focused on the retina, causing blurring of the image. The information from the Topolyzer is sent to the WaveNet server, which analyzes the cornea, and then sends the information to the WaveLight EX500 excimer laser to direct treatment.
    It also sends information using the pupil and the iris, ensuring that the laser aligns to the eye for correction in the same way that it did on the Topolyzer analyzer.

    What are the results?

    The LYRA Protocol is different from normal Contoura. The results of our study show that 80.85% of participants (50 eyes between -8.00 diopters of myopia and -3.00 diopters of astigmatism) achieved vision of 20/15 or better by 3 months postoperatively. In fact, over 60% of patients had already achieved 20/15 vision after 1 month.
    In the FDA study, only achieved 65% 20/15, and these were still the best results ever seen in an FDA study for a laser vision correction system. The LYRA protocol finally harnesses the true power of Contoura, with an entirely new understanding of how the human cornea focuses light for vision.

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